Henry County Economic Development

Henry County Economic Development

Main Street, Campbellsburg

Henry County has five Incorporated Cities, including one that is a Silver City in the Main Street/Renaissance City Program, New Castle.

Our Incorporated Cities are New Castle, Eminence, Campbellsburg, Smithfield and Pleasureville. 

Henry County ranks in the top 10 in the state in tobacco and hay production. Because of its economic dependency on tobacco as a money crop, the county has recently received well over $1,000,000 in grant money for agricultural diversification efforts. The millions more that the county is entitled to over the next 25 years makes it an attractive climate for expansion as well as for new ventures to be located in the county. As farmers expand into other areas including horticulture and meats, county leaders are actively searching for businesses such as canneries and custom processing facilities to locate and take advantage of the ready and willing agriculturally based work force.


Dates to Remember:
4th Saturday in July - Henry County Harvest Showcase

For more information regarding the agriculture in the county, visit our community page or contact us.


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